Manic Opportunities

Here at Manic Sales we want to offer everyone the opportunity to make a "little extra" and be a part of the revolution. We have been there and know what it's like to be the "little guy" and watch the rich get richer but together we can shake things up. Whether it be investing in one of our upcoming products or you want to get your products more exposure Manic Sales are here for you.

We want to help YOU succeed, no idea is too big or too small, our team is dedicated to making online retail a more personal experience. 


Services we offer


Product investment: Offering you a chance to invest in upcoming products and keep all the profits! 12 month investment period where we guarantee you will never lose on your initial investment.

Product Listings: Got a product you want to get greater online exposure for? Manic Sales knows what it is like to try and get your dream out to a wider audience and everyone out there eating into your profit with listing fees. We can offer multiple listing options that are cheaper than listing on eBay.

Sourcing:  Are you a small business looking to take the next step and access the huge benefits of buying directly from overseas factories? But don't you know where to start, who to trust or the time to work through it all and run your business? You know your product so why not sit back and let us do the leg work for you? From finding a reliable factory, negotiating the price to arranging shipping and customs clearence.

3m x 6m Party Tent Investment

3m x 6m Party Tent Investment