Manic Opportunities

Date Posted:15 July 2016 

Don’t miss the revolution!

Here is your opportunity to be a part of a new age in online shopping. Everyone knows that since eBay came along and made it easy for anyone to sell online there are now countless “deals and discount sites” offering insane discounts due to their immense buying power, making it nearly impossible for the little guy to break through.
Here at Manic Sales we have worked in the industry and seen how a once level playing field has now been taken over and controlled by big international companies. They have more resources to absorb adword fees and to market their sites across multiple platforms. Don’t be fooled by the word “Oz” or the Australian flag in their ads, most of these sites are owned by foreign companies and will do whatever it takes to get their profits offshore.
It’s time to keep the profits in Australia and what better way to do it than for us to give them directly to you? So if you have money sitting in a savings account earning a couple percent interest why not invest for 12 months with us?

How it works:

  • We will offer you an opportunity to buy a minimum 10% share in a product line that we have carefully researched and are confident of selling at a healthy profit within a twelve month period.
  • We will sign a legally binding 12 month contract with you so both parties know their investment is safe.
  • This investment is a one off price, you will never be asked for more money by us and the return will always be equal or greater than your initial investment.
  • We will never sell under your cost price and whatever stock isn’t sold at the end of the twelve month period Manic Sales will buy back from you at the original purchase price.
  • You will receive a monthly statement indicating how many of “your” products were sold that month and your share of the profits.
  • We will take care of the warehousing, distribution and marketing of the product all you need to do is sit back and watch the money come in every month.


  • As an investor you will only deal with our Director who will be there to let you know how things are progressing and to answer any questions you might have
  • We tell you upfront what the product is and our target profit range you know how much you stand to make.
  • Your initial investment is guaranteed, so unlike buying shares or investing in the stock market you will never lose money.
  • We are 100% Australian owned and based company, we have no overseas owners or shareholders.
  • With multiple investors in each product it allows us to buy in greater volumes accessing the savings reserved for the larger retailers.
  • We ultimately do not want to buy your products back from you at the end of the 12 month period so you can rest assured we will carefully pick the products that are sold. We will use all our expertise to get the product maximum exposure across multiple sales channels.
  • And did we mention YOU keep all the profits!

We aim to shake up the online retail landscape in Australia and want to do it with you!